Saturday, June 25, 2011

1.5 Years...


Yes, after 3 months from my last post...This is an achievement!..I was bored to death and kept refreshing the Facebook page for the last 2 hours and suddenly realized that I have a blog that has been abandoned for like forever!..haha...well I've changed the blog title...excuse the name okay..:p..

Adam is sleeping now and I'm waiting to perform my Maghrib prayer..It's summer now and the daytime is very long!..From 3.30 am in the morning until 9.47 pm!..Can you imagine how the fasting month would be then?..Buka puasa maybe dalam pukul 10 kot!.hehe..

It has been about 1 year and a half since I left Malaysia for UK to further my studies..My studies is a little bit slow due to the pregnancy and maternity leave...but it's progressing pretty well now..I should write an entry about my PhD project later..haha...I'm a food engineer by background so I've been dealing with food since my MSc studies..not creating a new food but more to the design of the processing..:-)..

This is my output after 1.5 years in the UK..A healthy baby boy and a report..hehe..

Adam is 6 months old now and has started mummy dah masak macam2 'lauk' for him..hehe...yeah and I should write an entry about that too I guess?..hehe...perhaps it would benefit people..:-)..and maybe about pram/stroller selection (I'm a pushchair addict and a very particular one!), changing bag and baby clothes?..wah takde keje la tu nak tulis semua ni..hehe..

My 6 months old prince..

and not to forget about all the lovely and nice places in the UK too...:-)...harap2 rajin la tulis psl ni sebab dah setahun lebih duduk sini tp satu cerita psl tmpt menarik pun takde...hehe...

Spring 2011

OK, I think that's all at the moment...Takde idea tiba2...hehe...Till then...:-)..


June Shukor said...

Aliaa, mmg malas betul nak update blog ya 

Adam:: tomei la dia. Bila la auntie dapat jumpa Adam ni. Mummy Adam pun auntie x pernah jumpa lagi. 

zzanaa am said...

..aliaa..comelnye baby kamu..... =)

-kak zana (ingat tak??? :p)

Puan ALeya said...

Kak Kimi: Skrg tgh merajinkan diri..boring2 bole update blog..takdela refresh facebook je 24/7..hehe...insyaAllah nanti dpt jumpe..jgn lupe standby duit raye..hehe..

Kak Zana: Thanks Kak Zana...mesti la ingat..hehehe..:-)..